Elections- End the Lib, Lab CON!!!

Elections- End the Lib, Lab CON!!!



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As a campaign we would love to have seen UKIP & The Brexit Party unite but this doesn't appear to be the case. We wish both parties the best of luck and to anyone standing who believes in a WTO Brexit and sending the establishment a message!

What we must do is ensure that on May the 2nd in The Local Elections and in the EU elections on the 23rd of May especially we need to end the pattern of voting for establishment parties! They need taught a lesson badly.

For this campaign we will be printing leaflets, posters and intelligent targeted social media adverts. We have leafletting teams ready and raring to go and will be sending out posters to supporters and members as well. All money raised goes towards direct campaigning, nobody at UK Unity takes a salary.

The more we raise the more we can do so we have set up a crowdfund. If you agree that politics in the UK must change and want to help spread the word!


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First donation made!

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Fundraising started!

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